The EUTA welcomes its new Secretary General: Victoria de Posson

BRUSSELS, 1 September 2022 – Today, the European Tech Alliance (EUTA) welcomes Victoria de Posson as its first ever Secretary General. Victoria will lead the EUTA’s policy and advocacy work, in addition to running day-to-day operations. 

Since its inception 7 years ago, the EUTA has operated largely on a member-led basis. With a growing level of ambition, we are now taking the EUTA to the next level. The position of Secretary General represents the next steps in our overarching aim to be the voice of European tech champions and provide practical advice from the market for policy makers, with expertise in issues including Artificial Intelligence, digital services, the data economy and sustainability.

The following can be attributed to EUTA Secretary General, Victoria de Posson:

“I’m very much looking forward to working with EUTA members and EU policymakers. Together we can develop smart policies promoting European tech innovation, investments and competitiveness.” 

“It is important to create the right regulatory conditions which both enable European tech champions to grow and empower consumers, especially in today’s new reality where the cost of living keeps rising.”

The following can be attributed to EUTA President, Kristin Skogen Lund: 

“We are delighted to have Victoria de Posson join EUTA. She’ll contribute to further strengthening the voice of the European tech community, so we can make an even bigger impact in the regulatory debate.”

“Having a Secretary General will allow the EUTA to engage constructively, on a long term basis, with stakeholders on EU policy issues relevant for our members companies.”

The following can be attributed to EUTA Chair, Aurélie Caulier: 

“Victoria will bring the alliance to the next level. Over the last years, the EUTA has grown: we now include 35 companies from 16 countries, whose services are largely enjoyed by European consumers. We have high expectations for the EU’s digital policy and more often-than-not we favour pragmatic regulation, which is both innovation and consumer friendly.”

About the EUTA

The European Tech Alliance (EUTA) brings together and gives voice to the most exciting homegrown European tech companies across business models, member states and sectors.

Our objective is to create a better future for Europe through technology and based on shared EU values: we aim to contribute to our local economies and build a sustainable, greener, innovative and inclusive Europe for future generations.

Our track record of success highlights the recent growth and potential of the EU’s digital economy. With the right legal framework and policies that enable innovation and fair competition for all players, Europe can continue to prosper and produce more global European digital champions in the future.

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Victoria de Posson

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