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Promoting home-grown tech businesses is central to achieving the European Union’s (EU) wider goals. With the right conditions, our companies can strengthen Europe’s resilience and technological autonomy, protect and empower users online, and promote Europe’s values of transparency, rule of law and innovation to the rest of the world.

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EUTA meets Dutch officials in The Hague

The European Tech Alliance recently convened in The Hague to discuss Europe’s competitiveness and how its tech companies can thrive both within the EU single market and in the global arena. Our delegation met with officials from the Ministry of Economy and Interior, the competition authority, members of the Dutch Parliament, and the Dutch tech community.

EUTA meets Spanish officials in Madrid

Over the last two days, the European Tech Alliance convened in Madrid, Spain, to discuss strategies for unlocking European tech leadership both domestically and internationally, and ensuring Europe’s sustained competitiveness in the global market.  We met with the Presidency, the Ministry for Digitalisation, Economy, Internal Market, and Foreign Affairs, as well as members of the Spanish Parliament and the Councillor for Digitalisation of the Regional Government of Madrid. Additionally, we engaged with the vibrant Spanish tech community.

Three steps to enhance growth and innovation in Europe


1. European Tech for European competitiveness

"Glovo struggled with very fragmented EU regulation during our scale-up process. Therefore we know that a clear legal framework would help European business to grow, innovate and successfully compete."
Sacha Michaud
Co-Founder Glovo

2. Smart Rules for a Stronger Europe

"At this pivotal time, the EUTA highlights key opportunities for industry and policymakers to work together to deliver an innovative, thriving and successful tech sector in Europe - a future that Trustpilot will play a full part in."
Adrian Blair
CEO Trustpilot

3. Better enforcement for fairer competition

"Criteo is at the heart of the open web which unlocked the power of data, laying the foundation for an AI revolution. More synergies and cooperation among national regulators will accelerate European techs’ leadership in data, AI and beyond."
Megan Clarken
CEO Criteo

Policy work

The EUTA focuses on fostering an ambitious EU tech strategy, enhancing Europe’s tech competitiveness, advocating for clear, targeted, and risk-based regulations, and supporting consistent rule enforcement in the globalised market. Our policy areas are dedicated to overcoming growth obstacles and promoting a thriving digital economy in Europe.

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For further inquiries, please contact our Secretary General, Victoria de Posson: victoria@eutechalliance.eu

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