EU’s digital policy

Promoting home-grown tech businesses has never been more central to achieving the European Union’s (EU) wider goals. With the right conditions, our companies can strengthen Europe’s resilience and technological autonomy, protect and empower users online, and promote Europe’s values of transparency, rule of law and innovation to the rest of the world.

In the next five years, let’s prioritise boosting Europe’s tech competitiveness by having an ambitious EU tech strategy to overcome growth obstacles, making a political commitment to clear, targeted and risk-based rules, and enforcing rules consistently to match the globalised market we are in.

The European Tech Alliance (EUTA) presents its bold, forward-looking manifesto, outlining a strategic roadmap for Europe’s digital policy from now to 2030. 

The EUTA asks EU institutions to take into account three steps as we move towards 2030:

  • Develop a European strategy for European tech and competitiveness;
  • Prioritise smart rules for a stronger Europe, including increased harmonisation to create one EU digital single market, not 27 national markets;
  • Focus on better enforcement for fairer competition.

The digital world is a fully regulated sector with a wide range of new and updated rules. Today, up to 30% of EU tech companies resources can be taken up by compliance instead of focusing on the company’s growth and innovation. In a world where competition for tech developers is fierce and global, it puts EU companies’ attractiveness at risk.

The EU should allow for existing rules to take effect and make a thorough assessment of these rules, before introducing new regulation in the same areas. When assessing the impact of future EU rules, regulators should also consider the compliance costs for EU tech. European rules should complement each other, not clash or duplicate efforts.

When developing new EU rules or reviewing existing ones, we should get rid of old laws to prevent an ever-growing pyramid of regulations. Find out more by reading our infographic.

EUTA Story Book

The European Tech Alliance (EUTA) represents the digital innovators born and bred in Europe. We strive to give voice to European digital champions from across the European region, provide a better understanding of the variety of digital business models that Europe has produced and support the creation of a political and legislative landscape that can grow the European tech ecosystem.

EUTA Members discuss digital priorities and future vision

EUTA Members discuss digital priorities and future vision On 7 May members of the European Tech Alliance (EUTA) met in Brussels for the Alliance’s Annual General Meeting (AGM). Following introductions by our President Gianpiero Lotito and Chair Magdalena Piech, members discussed how the EUTA can provide an even stronger voice