EUTA meets Dutch officials in The Hague

The European Tech Alliance recently convened in The Hague to discuss Europe’s competitiveness and how its tech companies can thrive both within the EU single market and in the global arena.

Our delegation met with officials from the Ministry of Economy and Interior, the competition authority, members of the Dutch Parliament, and the Dutch tech community. 

We concluded that Europe needs to focus on several key areas:

1. Complete the Single Market and strengthen EU harmonisation

Ensuring uniform interpretation and consistent enforcement of laws across the EU is crucial. This includes enhancing cooperation among authorities within and between Member States and addressing overlapping and conflicting rules.

2. Develop a comprehensive EU tech strategy

This strategy should focus on the needs of unicorns by fostering a robust data economy and attracting and retaining top talent.

3. Enforce the rules

EU regulations must apply on all actors, regardless of a company’s headquarters. Addressing enforcement gaps requires improving governance and enforcement mechanisms rather than introducing new rules.

4. Adopt tailored rules where necessary

After current rules have matured, we should assess their impact, identify gaps, and consider the need for specific regulations. It is vital to understand the nuances of different business models with crucial industry input.

Find out more about EUTA’s vision for Europe’s 2030 digital policy here.

About the European Tech Alliance 

EUTA represents leading European tech companies that provide innovative products and services to 500 million users. Our 30 EUTA member companies from 16 European countries are popular and have earned the trust of consumers. As companies born and bred in Europe, for whom the EU is a crucial market, we have a deep commitment to European citizens and values.

With the right conditions, our companies can strengthen Europe’s resilience and technological autonomy, protect and empower users online, and promote Europe’s values of transparency, rule of law and innovation to the rest of the world.

The EUTA calls for boosting Europe’s tech competitiveness by having an ambitious EU tech strategy to overcome growth obstacles, making a political commitment to clear, targeted and risk-based rules, and enforcing rules consistently to match the globalised market we are in.

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