DSA and Data Access: The EUTA emphasises the need to provide safeguards to prevent misunderstandings

The European Tech Alliance (EUTA) has today responded to the European Commission’s call for evidence on data access obligations as part of the Digital Services Act (DSA – Regulation (EU) 2022/2065). 

The EUTA emphasises the need for precision and to provide safeguards to enable data sharing in a fair, reasonable, cost-effective and technically-feasible manner for all stakeholders. These precautions are crucial as the future Delegated Act could serve as a foundation for further data sharing obligations in other European legislation, such as in the Data Act.

The EUTA supports the European Commission’s objectives under Article 40 of the DSA to require data access to vetted researchers to detect, identify and understand systemic risks in very large online platforms (VLOPs) and very large online search engines (VLOSEs). However, data access is complex: it has the potential to promote transparency, accountability, and serve the public interest. The future delegated regulation should include precautions to prevent misinterpretations of data. The EUTA believes such safeguards include: 

    • Clearly defining the necessary data to examine societal risks and requiring researchers to explain their request rationale; 
    • Aligning the rules with other EU legislation to protect users’ and customers’ personal data, as well as companies’ confidential information (e.g. trade secrets and intellectual property) and service security.
    • Providing reasonable timeframes for data access requests, avoiding unduly short deadlines that could lead to poor outcomes for researchers, authorities, and platforms.
    • Incentivising researchers to consider the full context of the data and adopt a balanced view that takes into account all relevant factors, thereby preventing misinterpretation; 
    • Require vetted researchers to disclose their project’s funding to prevent conflicts of interest and; 
    • Developing standards that reflect the diverse business models and capacities of all VLOPs and VLOSEs, both current and potential.

Read our full contribution to the call for evidence here.




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