Unlock EU tech leadership: EUTA CEOs ask to empower scale ups, enforce EU rules and complete the single market

BRUSSELS, 6 MARCH 2024 – The European Tech Alliance (EUTA) has taken a significant step forward in its mission to unlock European tech leadership at home and beyond.

During a two-day forum, fourteen European Tech CEOs convened with EU policymakers including Commissioners Breton, Reynders, and Schmit, as well as Directors General and Deputy Director General from EU institutions such as DG CNECT, DG GROW, DG COMP, and DG JUST. Additionally, discussions were held with MEP Schwab.

Key topics addressed by EU CEOs in dialogue with EU policymakers encompassed:

  • Empower Scale Ups: A call to action was made for the EU to bolster European tech with a strategy that empowers European digital companies to grow and utilise new innovation tools to deliver the best services and products. These efforts should include stimulating the data economy and implementing a robust talent strategy.
  • Enforce EU rules: The digital world is a fully regulated sector with a wide range of new and updated rules. First, it is important to enforce the rules on all actors operating in Europe, regardless of their size or origin. Second, the EU should allow for existing rules to take effect and make a thorough assessment of these rules, before introducing new regulations in the same areas.
  • Complete the Single Market: Laws should fit together like puzzle pieces, not be a messy patchwork. Addressing regulatory fragmentation is key to overcoming the existing 27 national markets in practice. A European approach and more harmonisation would facilitate the growth of European champions at the global, national, and regional levels.
  • DMA Enforcement: The DMA stands as a crucial instrument to eradicating anti-competitive practices of tech gatekeepers, thereby reinstating a fair playing field within digital markets. Emphasising the central role of effective enforcement, EUTA CEOs expressed concerns regarding certain proposals from gatekeepers, which do not look compliant with the DMA and warrant careful consideration and alignment with the law’s objectives.
  • Platform Work: Additional time is required to achieve the correct balance enabling flourishing of European online services and ensuring fair working conditions for platform workers. EU policies need a solid foundation, rather than rushing into legislation due to political deadlines, which often results in poor compromises.

Tomorrow, at EUTA’s Annual General Meeting (AGM), members will explore a strategic roadmap for Europe’s digital policy from now to 2030. In times of geopolitical and economic instability, promoting home-grown tech businesses has never been more central to achieving the European Union’s wider goals.

The following can be attributed to EUTA President, Antoine Jouteau
“The EUTA CEO Forum highlighted an urgent need for regulatory cohesion as it will help empower European technology companies to innovate and compete on a global scale.”

“Additionally, enforcing the Digital Markets Act effectively is crucial to ensuring a level playing field in digital markets, fostering fair competition, and protecting consumers.”

“With the support of EU policymakers, I’m confident we can build a strong and vibrant European technology ecosystem.”

The following can be attributed to EUTA Secretary General, Victoria de Posson:
“To unlock European tech leadership at home and beyond, EU policymakers should develop an ambitious EU tech strategy to overcome growth obstacles, a political commitment to clear, targeted and risk-based rules, and consistent enforcement.”

The following can be attributed to EUTA Chair of the Board, Robert Torvelainen
“The strength of the European Tech Alliance lies in gathering many European tech champions under one umbrella. Our ambition is to be the number one partner to EU policymakers on digital policy – our member companies know what it takes to scale in Europe and we want to provide that experience to those shaping our operating environment.”

About the European Tech Alliance 

EUTA represents leading European tech companies that provide innovative products and services to 500 million users. Our 29 EUTA member companies from 16 European countries are popular and have earned the trust of consumers. As companies born and bred in Europe, for whom the EU is a crucial market, we have a deep commitment to European citizens and values.

With the right conditions, our companies can strengthen Europe’s resilience and technological autonomy, protect and empower users online, and promote Europe’s values of transparency, rule of law and innovation to the rest of the world.

The EUTA calls for boosting Europe’s tech competitiveness by having an ambitious EU tech strategy to overcome growth obstacles, making a political commitment to clear, targeted and risk-based rules, and enforcing rules consistently to match the globalised market we are in.

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