Protect consumers: Enforce EU standards and rules on all actors, including those of Asian origin

3 Steps to ensure fair competition and enforce existing EU rules 

1) Consistent application of existing rules: All EU and local rules – consumer protection, product safety, internal market, environmental, and market surveillance laws – should be applied consistently to all companies operating in Europe offering products or services to EU citizens, regardless of their origin. This promotes a level playing field for European companies to compete and grow.

2) Foster collaboration and avoid working in isolation: It is essential to foster cooperation among various levels of authority within Member States, as well as among different Member States and at the EU level. This collaboration is crucial to achieving consistent enforcement of rules across the board and enhancing regulatory effectiveness.

3) Ensure fair and equal tax levy treatment for parcels sent directly to EU consumers: To ensure equitable competition of EU and third country businesses addressing EU consumers, products need to be subject to the same taxes, levies, duties and customs controls procedures as European B2B import.

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