Tech Summit | Spotahome outlines the potential of technology

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Tech Summit | Spotahome’s Bryan McEire outlines the potential of technology and the need for discussions on tech

On 7 June 2018, the European Tech Alliance attended Tech Summit Brussels and organized an exclusive roundtable entitled ‘Europe in the Global Data Economy: Loser, Laggard, or Leader?’. During this thought-provoking Summit, Bryan McEire, Co-Founder and CTO of Spotahome, presented his views on emerging digital trends and the important role of discussions taking place at events such as the Tech Summit.  The full interview can be found in the video above, with some key highlights detailed below:

When asked about future digital trends, Bryan responded that a mixture of IoT technologies, coupled with a layer of machine learning, could free up time from repetitive tasks and allow people to be more creative. On further exploration of  this consumer-centric view, Bryan was hopeful that the future blockchain trend could also be a way to empower people.

On the impact of events such as Tech Summit in realising the potential of technology, Bryan noted that people are not yet prepared for such technological advances, not even legislators. He thus welcomed the opportunity that Tech Summit provided to have discussions with policymakers and encourage the development of programs to educate people about the internet. Bryan expressed his willingness to talk to representatives of Parliament, Commissions and Councils, and see if we can understand more about the effect that technology has on companies. ‘Technology is going super-fast, and I think we are always behind in terms of regulation and education for people’, he summated.

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