Data Act: Five things that EU policymakers should get right

European digital champions and scaleups are eager to take advantage of the Data Act’s potential to offer innovative services for both businesses and consumers. To make this happen, the Data Act needs to get the basics right.  The European Tech Alliance (EUTA) gathers digital successful companies built across Europe, with a total of 29 companies […]

eCommerce: Who is responsible for the information that consumers see online?

As consumers, we are all familiar with the challenges of knowing whether the information presented next to goods or services we want to buy is true.  Is this 100% organic  cotton t-shirt really organic? Is that aubergine pesticide-free? In today’s world, policymakers are working to shape the rules that determine who is responsible for providing […]

e-Commerce: Who do consumers buy from?

Getting confused about what a “platform” is when shopping online? With so many different players in the game, it’s no wonder that consumers and policymakers alike are struggling to keep up. In this blog, I explain the different business models that prevail in e-commerce and clarify how they differ from one another. This post primarily […]