EUTA meets with French officials in Paris 

Over the last two days, the European Tech Alliance (EUTA) engaged with French officials to unlock the full potential of European tech companies in Europe and globally!

Key highlights from the meetings include:

  • Developing a strategy for EU tech scale-ups: Our discussions underscored the urgent need to bolster the competitiveness of EU tech companies. This entails fostering a robust data economy that respects the privacy of EU consumers and prioritises talent attraction and retention.
  • Simplifying EU regulatory landscape: Harmonising regulatory frameworks within the EU emerged as a critical priority. By tackling regulatory overlaps and conflicts, we can pave the way for smoother operations and accelerated growth across European tech companies.
  • Guaranteeing impact assessment: We emphasised the importance of conducting comprehensive impact assessments both by the European Commission and by co-legislators (European Parliament and Council of the EU) to understand the implications and effects of regulatory measures on the market, particularly for EU tech firms.
  • Ensuring rigorous rule enforcement: We highlighted the need for EU rules to serve their intended purpose. We advocated for a shift in our focus to move towards stringent enforcement of regulations, especially when it comes to the Digital Markets Act (DMA) and consumer protection rules. After this enforcement, EU officials should run thorough evaluations to address any potential regulatory gaps.
  • Strengthening authorities’ cooperation: We proposed closer collaboration among national authorities, suggesting the creation of an established network for this purpose.. This cooperation among authorities should also be improved among member states at the EU level.

EUTA and eight members met with officials responsible for Competition, Consumer Affairs, and Fraud Control (DGCCRF), Enterprises (DGE), and Treasury, as well as advisers to the French President, Prime Minister, and Digital Minister, along with French Deputy Paul Midy.

Find out more about EUTA’s vision for Europe’s 2030 digital policy here.

About the European Tech Alliance 

EUTA represents leading European tech companies that provide innovative products and services to 500 million users. Our 29 EUTA member companies from 16 European countries are popular and have earned the trust of consumers. As companies born and bred in Europe, for whom the EU is a crucial market, we have a deep commitment to European citizens and values.

With the right conditions, our companies can strengthen Europe’s resilience and technological autonomy, protect and empower users online, and promote Europe’s values of transparency, rule of law and innovation to the rest of the world.

The EUTA calls for boosting Europe’s tech competitiveness by having an ambitious EU tech strategy to overcome growth obstacles, making a political commitment to clear, targeted and risk-based rules, and enforcing rules consistently to match the globalised market we are in.

For media inquiries, please contact:Victoria de Posson, EUTA Secretary General
Phone: +32 476 25 08 16