Dutch online retailer bol.com join the European Tech Alliance

The EUTA membership continues to grow!

As we welcome in the new year, the EUTA is pleased to welcome in three new members. The first of which is bol.com, the Dutch online retailer.

Originally founded as Europe’s first online bookstore in 1999, bol.com now holds the title of ‘largest online retail platform’ in the Benelux region. The company has grown from a bookstore to selling a wide variety of items. From tech gadgets and clothes to toys and camping equipment, bol.com offers a platform for sellers to come together.

Bol.com works in cooperation with 37,000 local entrepreneurs to sell products to over 11 million Dutch and Belgian customers.

As the EUTA enters 2021 we are pleased to expand and diversify our membership with the addition of bol.com. As our lives become increasingly more “digital” we welcome our new members and the strength they bring to the voice of European Tech Champions.

Speaking on their new membership, Marjolein Verkerk, Manager of Corporate Affairs at bol.com, commented:

“As bol.com, we’re pleased to announce that we’ve become a member of the European Tech Alliance EUTA. It’s an important time for the European tech scene with the recently announced proposals for a Digital Services Act and a Digital Markets Act, and through our membership of EUTA we wish to contribute to the discussion on how to ensure that current and future European champions will continue to be in the position to grow and prosper. Bol.com is a Dutch eCommerce platform with over 11 million users, and we work with almost 40.000 local entrepreneurs who use our platform to reach their customers in The Netherlands and Belgium. As one of the leading platforms in this region, we look forward to sharing our experiences with the other members of EUTA.”

Bol.com employs over 2,000 people and their headquarters are located in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

About the EUTA

The European Tech Alliance (EUTA) brings together and gives a voice to the major European digital champions, scaleups and leading startups. We believe that Europe is good at tech and our sector is driving jobs and growth across the continent. With an overarching goal of fostering innovation in Europe, EUTA members are keen to provide expert insights to the EU institutions and promote EU competitiveness in the global tech space.