Getting EU Payment Rules Right: Six Essentials

The fast-paced world of digital transactions demands a regulatory landscape that evolves with it, and the recent European proposals concerning the Payment Services Regulation (PSR) and Payment Services Directive (PSD3) are emblematic of this dynamism. The European Parliament’s vote on PSD3 and PSR marks a significant step toward further advancing open banking and fostering competition […]

GDPR: EUTA provides feedback to the European Commission

Today, the European Tech Alliance (EUTA) provided feedback to the European Commission on the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). In its contribution, EUTA mentioned that despite GDPR’s ambition to ensure a harmonised EU application, diverging interpretations by national data protection authorities across the EU create legal uncertainty. Companies face high costs in adapting to localised […]

EUTA provides input on the DSA transparency report template

In its feedback on the European Commission’s Implementation Act on the transparency reporting obligations, EUTA invite the European Commission to (i) grant time for European companies’ compliance success, (ii) avoid excessive data requirements which are not required to meet the DSA’s objectives and would place a disproportionate burden on European platforms, (iii) align transparency reporting obligations with the statement of reasons database and (iv) recognise the varied legal definitions of illegal content across EU Member States.

DMA countdown: EUTA urges gatekeepers to open dialogue with businesses

With only 50 days to the compliance deadline of the Digital Markets Act (DMA), the European Tech Alliance along with 24 companies and 8 associations urge designated DMA gatekeepers to enter into a constructive dialogue with business users and other stakeholders, such as business and consumer associations, to ensure full DMA compliance as from 7 March 2024.

European Tech Alliance Manifesto for 2030: Unlock European tech leadership at home and beyond

Today, the European Tech Alliance (EUTA) presents its bold, forward-looking manifesto, outlining a strategic roadmap for Europe’s digital policy from now to 2030. In times of geopolitical and economic instability, promoting home-grown tech businesses has never been more central to achieving the European Union’s wider goals. With the right conditions, EUTA members can strengthen Europe’s […]

EUTA’s contribution to the evidence call on the DSA and conducting independent audits

The EUTA calls for a balanced and clear framework recognising diverse business models. The European Tech Alliance (EUTA) has today responded to the European Commission’s call for evidence on conducting independent audits as part of the Digital Services Act (DSA – Regulation (EU) 2022/2065).  The EUTA emphasises the importance of establishing a balanced and clear […]

Digital Fairness: EUTA contribution to the European Commission’s Consultation

As the European Commission is assessing European Union (EU) consumer law on digital fairness, the European Tech Alliance (EUTA) very respectfully shares some recommendations through the European Commission’s consultation on EU consumer law on digital fairness. We invite the European Commission to:   Apply targeted rules to companies interacting with EU consumers  Allow time for effective […]