Tech Summit | FacilityLive looks to the future of search

Tech Summit | FacilityLive looks to the future of search
18 September 2018 European Tech Alliance

Tech Summit | FacilityLive’s Fabrizio Porrino looks to the future of search and the Tech Summit

On 7 June 2018, the European Tech Alliance attended Tech Summit Brussels and organised an exclusive roundtable entitled ‘Europe in the Global Data Economy: Loser, Laggard, or Leader?’. During this annual Summit, Fabrizio Porrino, FacilityLive’s SVP Global Public Affairs, sat down to discuss his views on emerging digital trends and the important role for Brussels’ based events such as the Tech Summit.  The full interview can be found in the video above, while some key highlights are detailed below.

Looking to future digital trends, Fabrizio detailed that there is a need for more powerful search technologies that give a more human search experience. This would require people to become ‘CEO’s of their own personal information’ and a search that bring together various vertical information silos, all of which is being led by FacilityLive.

Fabrizio further welcomed the interesting discussions held at the Tech Summit, especially with policymakers and other EUTA members at the roundtable. He stated that ‘this is very much needed’ and was keen to stress the relevance of Brussels for large technology events. Brussels gives the opportunity to meet with the European institutions and all 28 Member States, he explained, and the Tech Summit could continue to grow and fill this opportunity. Fabrizio concluded that the Tech Summit and EUTA roundtables were needed to allow the debate to become wider and more connected to EU citizens.

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