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…najdu tam, co neznam

Our homepage is the most visited website in the Czech Republic. Over 90 % of Czech internet population interacts with‘s services and products every month. Those who are looking for information and entertainment have been using its services for 19 years. Its full text search, on-line maps, company catalogue, e-mail with 7,5 millions of accounts, news service, advertising services, internet TV and other services are a common part of daily life of Czech internet users.

Established in 1996 it has grown from a one-man company into an organisation with more than a 1100 employees. We have been awarded by many national prizes in various fields. Moreover, the Czech Republic is due to the only country in the world where the Latin alphabet is used and where Google does not have a monopoly on Internet searches and where it‘s not the number one on the Internet. Our success is based on a continuous development and an innovation potential of our employees.

Michal Feix, Executive Officer