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Prowly is a B2B web-based application for marketing and public relations professionals.

We are from Poland. We have been running Prowly for more than a year. From the very beginning, our goal was to change public relations for the better.

Our original idea was a simple one – create a light and easily-accessible SaaS app that makes teamwork easier and replaces other time-consuming tools. That was pretty much our beta.

The launch was a great success – people loved new features, but we wanted more. Having thoroughly analysed the market, we already knew what we wanted to do next. Seeing what the global visual communication trends were, we decided to reinvent online press offices – and that’s how we created our Brand Journals. Brand Journals are your new online press office (or even a website like this one) – a place that seamlessly integrates all of your social and other channels, letting you tell your brand story in the richest possible way. They’re gorgeous, smart and adaptable – light years ahead of our competition. Partnering with Hill and Knowlton Strategies Poland, we launched our very first Brand Journal with Spotify.

A few months later we took a step further. Be have started to notice that building brand awareness by owned media is becoming a more and more attractive alternative to traditional media relations. Brand journalism is a style of content creation using journalistic techniques, meant for brands to narrate their engaging stories. Global pioneers of that approach are brands like Intel, IBM, General Electric, Microsoft or McDonald’s.

In Poland there’s still not many examples of such innovatory transformations of PR. This is why we – as Prowly, an application for modern PR professionals – are proud of having a honor of designing the technological side of one of the first local solutions of this kind. We did it for the biggest e-commerce service in Poland – Allegro – by creating _magazyn.Allegro. This way we’ve extended the application by ability to create brand’s owned communication medium based on functions of our tool.

And we’re already working on a lot of cool stuff to come.

Joanna Drabent, CEO