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Leaders in innovative retail technology

Xarevision is an innovation engine when it comes to technology for retail, having multiple time-proven solutions deployed both online and in-store, with the largest retailers. We aim to continuously evolve everyday’s grocery shopping experience.

Xarevision developed numerous solutions to support retail operations and runs the biggest in-store digital network and queue management system in Portugal, deployed in 2007. It has also successfully launched the first worldwide fully-voice-powered shopping list and grocery ordering application, allowing control via Google Home and/or Amazon Alexa voice assistants and via its custom mobile app. To further develop this market, it has recently created a subsidiary, Shelf.AI, both in Europe and in the United States, which offers a 360-degree B2B2C conversational platform for grocery retailers. Using cutting-edge technological tools of artificial intelligence and machine learning, it provides shoppers with a seamless omni-channel experience. Xarevision is always looking ahead and is now developing novel hyper-personalized product recommendation systems, shifting the shopping paradigm towards an agent-based shopping model.

Visit us at Xarevision and Shelf.AI.