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Who we are 

The European Tech Alliance (EUTA) represents leading European tech companies that provide innovative products and services to 500 million users[1]. Our 30 EUTA member companies from 14 European countries are popular and have earned the trust of consumers.

As companies born and bred in Europe, for whom the EU is a crucial market, we have a deep commitment to European citizens and values.

Our Mission 

Promoting home-grown tech businesses is central to achieving the European Union’s (EU) wider goals. With the right conditions, our companies can strengthen Europe’s resilience and technological autonomy, protect and empower users online, and promote Europe’s values of transparency, rule of law and innovation to the rest of the world.

Our Vision 

The EUTA calls for boosting Europe’s tech competitiveness by having an ambitious EU tech strategy to overcome growth obstacles, making a political commitment to clear, targeted and risk-based rules, and enforcing rules consistently to match the globalised market we are in.

[1] It reflects users, consumers and business customers from EUTA member companies, per year. It includes overlaps but illustrates the reach and impact of our services.

Our Leaderhip

Victoria de Posson, Secretary General

Secretary General of the EUTA

“The EUTA and its members aim to develop smart policies promoting European tech innovation, investments and competitiveness. It is important to create the right regulatory conditions which both enable European tech champions to grow and empower consumers, especially in today’s new reality where the cost of living keeps rising.”

Aurélie Caulier, Chair

Chair of the Board of the EUTA

“The strength of the European Tech Alliance lies in gathering many European tech champions under one umbrella. Our ambition is to speak with one voice and engage constructively with stakeholders on EU policy issues relevant for our digital companies.”

Kristin Skogen Lund, President

President of the EUTA

“European tech companies need to be competitive on a global scale, and want to compete on merits. That is why the EUTA agenda focuses on policies that level the playing field, and regulation that fosters innovation and the ability to grow. In an ever-changing world, there has never been a better time to build trust and excitement around the thriving European tech scene.”

Our Board

Aurélie Caulier, Chair of the Board of the EUTA

Head of EU Public Affairs, Zalando

Carolin Wehrhahn

Director EU Public Affairs, Adevinta 

Magdalena Piech

Head of Regulatory Affairs, Allegro

Julia Lamb

Head of EU Public Affairs, Booking.com

Cécile Barateau

Director for External Relations, Cdiscount

Nathalie Laneret

Vice-President Government Affairs and Public Policy, Criteo

Eleanor Flanagan

Senior Manager European Affairs, Spotify

Petra Wikström

Director of Public Policy, Schibsted

Robert Torvelainen

Senior Manager for EU Public Policy, Wolt

Our Members