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Our Mission Statement

The European Tech Alliance (EUTA) brings together and gives voice to the most exciting homegrown European tech companies across business models, member states and sectors. 

Our objective is to create a better future for Europe through technology and based on shared EU values: we aim to contribute to our local economies and build a sustainable, greener, innovative and inclusive Europe for future generations.

Our track record of success  highlights the recent growth and potential of the EU’s digital economy. With the right legal framework and policies that enable innovation and fair competition for all players, Europe can continue to prosper and produce more global European digital champions in the future. 

Embracing new technologies drives the change around us, and this is why a representative voice of EU tech needs to be heard. EUTA members are keen to provide expert insight on the technologies we use and the experience of  scaling in the EU. We engage with policy makers to help them understand how they can play a critical role in helping European entrepreneurs succeed globally. 

From Our President

“The EUTA drives an ambitious agenda with several milestones ahead, not least within policy and regulation. European tech companies need to be competitive on a global scale, and want to compete on merits. That is why the EUTA agenda focuses on policies that level the playing field, and regulation that fosters innovation and the ability to grow. I strongly believe the EUTA can be a unifying voice for a European tech community that can really make an impact when pulling together. Through the EUTA we can learn from and be inspired by each other. And we can make our stories heard to inspire others, and amplify our impact. In an ever-changing world, there has never been a better time to build trust and excitement around the thriving European tech scene. Tech drives the change around us, and that is why the voice of tech needs to be heard.”

Kristin Skogen Lund, President

From Our Chair

“The strength of the European Tech Alliance lies in gathering many European tech champions under one umbrella. Our ambition is to speak with one voice and engage constructively with stakeholders on EU policy issues relevant for our digital companies.

The EUTA includes some of the most exciting and fastest growing technology businesses in Europe, as well as many brands and services loved by European consumers. Over the last years, the EUTA has grown, its member companies expanded too and we collectively have high ambitions for the EUTA and bolder expectations for the EU’s digital policy.

Entrepreneurship and innovation are powerful drivers of job creation and economic growth in Europe. The European Union plays a critical role in helping those entrepreneurs succeed in Europe.

The European Tech Alliance therefore exists to help inform decision-makers about the nature of scaling a technology-driven business in Europe and to challenge mindsets about technology. ”

Aurélie Caulier, Chair

From Our Secretary General

Victoria joined the EUTA as Secretary General on 1st September 2022.

Victoria comes to EUTA from CCIA Europe and FTI Consulting, where she worked with Fortune 500 companies on EU public policy strategy. She brings 10 years of professional experience in EU affairs and extensive knowledge in digital services, intermediary liability and artificial intelligence. Previously, she also did stints at Samsung Electronics, Burson Marsteller, the European Parliament and a European think tank.

Victoria de Posson, Secretary General

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