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The disruptive European Search Technology Made-in-Italy

FacilityLive is the first Italian startup by funding round in 2013/2014 and the first non-UK company ever accepted at the ELITE Programme of the London Stock Exchange.

FacilityLive has patents granted in 43 countries worldwide (including Europe, USA, Japan, Korea, Russia, Israel, South Africa and Australia) and since 2010 has been developing a platform for information management driven by a next generation search engine already adopted by leading European multinational companies and recognised by world-class system integrators. According to Gartner FacilityLive is “a phenomenal young technology company” included in four of Gartner’s Global Software Vendor lists.

FacilityLive strongly believes in its active contribution to the creation of a digital ecosystem in Europe that fosters the birth of a new European Technology Digital Industry.

The founders decided to build a global company starting from a small historical town in Italy and want to keep it European.

Gianpiero Lotito,
Founder, CEO and CTO