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A word from the EUTA’s leadership, Niklas Zennström.

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European Tech Alliance

The Alliance was launched in the European Parliament under the auspices of Vice President Andrus Ansip. We seek to represent the variety of European tech voices, rather than act as a trade body with combined policy positions. As members, we raise practical issues with policymakers which we believe are important barriers or opportunities to building Europe’s digital market, including attracting investment and expanding globally. Our current Chair is Magdalena Piech, PhD, Public Policy and Regulatory Affairs at Allegro.

From our Chair
“The European Tech Alliance was formed by a collection of the most exciting and fastest growing technology businesses in Europe. Entrepreneurialism is one of the most powerful drivers of job creation and economic growth in Europe and the European Tech Alliance exists to help inform policymakers about the nature of scaling a technology-driven business from Europe and challenge mindsets about Europe, technology and the Internet. Over the past 15 years, Europe has produced 40 €bn+ technology companies and we believe that the strength and depth of European founders is increasing all the time. The European Tech Alliance is striving to help European leaders understand that Europe is a world leader in technology and show policymakers how they can play a critical role in helping those entrepreneurs succeed globally. We believe many of the next truly transformative companies will come from Europe and we believe the European Tech Alliance will help bring the tech industry closer to policymakers with the aim of growing this exciting industry even further.”

Magdalena Piech, Chair