The European Tech Alliance strongly supports the European Commission’s Digital Single Market (DSM) Strategy as a way “to support an inclusive digital society where citizens have the right skills to seize the opportunities of the internet and boost their chances of getting a job” or creating new companies. As stated by the President Juncker the legislative steps towards a connected DSM “should go hand-in-hand with efforts to boost digital skills and learning across society and to facilitate the creation of innovative start-ups. Enhancing the use of digital technologies and online services should become a horizontal policy, covering all sectors of the economy and of the public sector”. We fully support the Commission’s overarching Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition, and more specifically the existing initiatives geared towards a European Skills strategy such as the eSkills Campaign, the EU CodeWeek and the European e-Competence Framework. We advocate a stronger integration with the Startup Manifesto and the wide-ranging portfolio of EU initiatives for entrepreneurship and innovation. For this reason we are ready to offer our full cooperation to play an active role in the New Skills Agenda for Europe which will provide a comprehensive framework for employability, including the need for digital and complementary skills. 

Our views on EU policy