We have recently found success and now want to scale up, so that we can continue to grow and compete globally. To do so we are committing to share our experience of building tech companies in Europe, so that any legislation or regulation that the EU looks to introduce nurtures the tech sector and enables us to compete on a global level.

We believe that Europe is good at tech and the sector is already contributing enormously to the economy both in terms of driving investment and creating highly skilled jobs. We want to use our collective experience to feed into the push to strengthen Europe’s digital economy. 

Europe has an exciting spectrum of tech companies across a variety of industries. Our aim is simply to close the gap in terms of European representation for our scale ups.  

We are at a crucial time in terms of changes to our digital landscape. Decisions made around strengthening the digital single market (“DSM”) over the next few years will have an enormous impact on all our sectors. 

We support the objectives of the DSM, we want to ensure that Europe is an active player in the global digital economy, and we will work with the institutions to ensure that this goal can be achieved. 

We envision doing so by opening a line of communication between the European institutions and a representative group of companies, at different stages of growth, all of whom have built their businesses from the ground up in Europe. 

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